Six Guns PC Download for Windows 10: A Critical Review of the Game

Six Guns PC Download
Six Guns PC Download


Six Guns is a third-person shooter game. In this game, you will be playing as a cowboy who is trying to save his kidnapped girlfriend from the hands of the bandits. The gameplay of Six Guns is quite similar to other third-person shooters, but there are some features that make it stand out from the rest.

The graphics of Six Guns are quite good and you will find that there are lots of details on every object in the game. There is also lots of variety in the levels so you will never feel bored while playing this game.

The controls in Six Guns are really easy to use and they do not require any special skills or knowledge to master them. You can play this game with a keyboard or an Xbox controller, depending on what you prefer more.

Controls and aiming

Six-Guns generally controls intuitively, just like Gameloft’s other non-FPS tiles. You walk with a virtual stick, using the fire button to shoot, the aim button to aim well, and the roll button to dodge. Tapping on the weapon icon at the top of the screen will reload, while swiping on it will change the weapon.

Being a western themed game, heroes can also ride horses! Just press the horse button to whistle for your horse and it mounts right away. Driving gets you everywhere faster and you don’t even have to worry about being thrown to your death like in real life.

While the general controls all work fine, aiming is problematic. Most of the time, you will survive with the help of locking. Once you’ve locked an enemy, you can plug it in unless the lock is broken. But aiming well is really terrible. The reticle just goes too far no matter how lightly you slide your finger.

The restless shots seem to come from the game’s low frame rate. Like all of Gameloft’s Windows Phone 8 3D titles, Six-Guns’ frame rate is around 15-20 frames per second. It’s playable, but 30 FPS is what we consider a smooth low-end. With so many frames being skipped all the time, aiming for the right target can be real bullshit.


Six-Guns is a wild western style open world action adventure third-person mobile game. Players can roam on foot or by horse to complete missions as a man named Buck Crosshaw across the game’s two maps, Arizona (with desert and mesas) and Oregon (featuring forests and mountains). The in-game shop and currency system allows for upgradable clothing, weapon and horse items, with optional microtransactions available for additional or premium credits. When missions are completed, players are rewarded with coins and experience points, unlocking access to higher tier items from the shop. The main storyline and campaign follow Crosshaw’s discovery of the events and fate of his missing wife, while the multiplayer mode features online team deathmatch and capture the flag.

This version of Windows 8 has support for touch controls, keyboard and mouse, and game controllers. These games can also be saved in the cloud to linked accounts, such as Game Center on iOS or Xbox Live on Windows.


  • Discover new territories.
  • Expand and micro-manage your own underground lab.
  • Build a juicy and delicious business empire.
  • Unlock exciting new gadgets.
  • an excellent graphical design

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Conclusions & Final Word

Overall, the Six-guns gang fighting game is really a fantastic action game and a third person shooter game that does a lot of fantastic stuff in it as it just features more great content in the game which is purely good overall. I actually really like the Six-Guns game but even though it’s pretty clear that it’s not at the top of its game. The graphics are good and many other things, like the gameplay is also fun because it will keep you busy for quite a while, without even having to resort to in-app purchases. So in general if you are a lover of this type of action games I would happily recommend you play this game for the good things it does to the fullest, so it’s all about saying it’s a good game to play. So go get it. Thank you!!

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