Roblox Soul Eater Codes 2022 (Resonance)

Soul Eater Codes
Roblox Soul Eater Codes

To be the Weapon or the Weapon master is the first question you answer in Roblox Soul Eater: Resonance. The hit anime Soul Eater inspires this game. You will get to live your favorite anime moments in this game as you take on four different maps where you will do quests and learn what it takes to wield the power of the weapons you will unlock. Time to collect some souls!

These Soul Eater Resonance codes will give you free spins at Dr. Stein, who is right where you spawn into the game when you first start. This will allow you to get custom weapon colors, soul colors, and weapons types. Spins will allow you to select new powers, so make sure you claim these codes to get the powers you want!

If you love Roblox games inspired by your favorite anime, you have the chance to play more games that have codes to help you become your favorite hero or villain. Try these codes to help you progress further in the game as you shoot your way to the top of the leaderboards.

All Roblox Soul Eater: Resonance Codes List

  • bigslamdunk—Redeem for 20 Spins (New)
  • resetstuff—Redeem for a Stat Reset (New)

Expired Codes

  • powerhouse—Redeem for 10 Spins
  • blackstar—Redeem for 10 Color Spin
  • bestfriend—Redeem for 10 Spin
  • friendly—Redeem for 5 Spins
  • 3mvisits—Redeem for free Spins
  • Likes20k—Redeem for free Spins
  • 2mvisits—Redeem for free Spins
  • 1mvisits—Redeem for free Spins
  • likes15k—Redeem for free Spins
  • likes10000—Redeem for free Spins
  • likes7500—Redeem for free Spins
  • likes3000—Redeem for free Spins
  • likes1250—Redeem for free Spins
  • likes500—Redeem for free Spins
  • launch—Redeem for free Spins

How to Redeem Codes in Roblox Soul Eater: Resonance

  1. Launch Soul Eater Resonance.
  2. Click on the Ticket Icon at the top of the screen.
  3. Click on the “Enter Code” area and input one of the codes from our list.
  4. Click the Enter key and you will be given the reward.

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What is a Roblox Soul Eater: Resonance game?

In this action game Soul Eater: Resonance, you will have to choose whether you want to be a Weapon or if you want to be a Weapon Meister. Master the powers you are given as you complete missions and take on deadly enemies. Your choices will lead you to become the strongest wielder of weapons in the game!

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