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Recently, the PUBG Mobile survival game got a big update that includes a new map named Livik that comes with a Monster truck and many other items. Well, vehicles are required in survival games such as PUBG, where you have to keep driving to consistently enter the safe zone. You don’t need a car at all if you’re lucky and you land in an area close to the game zone. You can go around maintaining a low profile and murdering everyone you meet. But if you end up landing in a place far from the area, you’ll need a car to get there.

Livik is a small map compared to the others, and contains a fair amount of rocky mountains. Driving a standard vehicle around these mountains can be a little tricky, and it might even slow you down. But Tencent is aware of the challenges that lie in Livik’s terrain and that’s why we now have Monster Trucks. What could be better than a monster truck that only passes through mountainous terrain at optimal speed? But this new Monster truck is exclusive to the Livik Map because it’s the only location that can make the most of it. So if you’re wondering where you can find Monster Truck vehicles, just follow this guide.

Monster Truck on PUBG Mobile

About PUBG Mobile Monster Truck

The monster truck is an exclusive truck, only introduced in the newest map of Livik. The newest item in the PUBG Mobile line of vehicles is this monster petrol-powered car. The monster truck is a 4-seater vehicle that allows the territory in Livik to be crossed by a full squad. It appears all over the map in several ways.

The Monster Truck from PUBG Mobile is the most maneuverable vehicle to date in this game. Hence, it took a massive storm to release this game. Over dunes, forests and hills, it will pass. For this map, which has lots of large pieces of rough terrain, monster trucks are therefore the best choice.

This truck has four large tires that are harder to destroy compared to other cars in PUBG Mobile. Its health lies between BRDM and UAZ. Hence, it is one of the most durable and powerful vehicles despite being quite slow. However, it can still be detonated if you cause enough damage to the truck.

Where to Find Monster Trucks in PUBG Mobile?

As mentioned, PUBG’s Monster Trucks only appear in a few places on the Livik map. Here are some monster truck spots that you can definitely find on this map. Check it out below:

Northeast Holdhus

Holdhus is a large city on the map’s southwest pole with desert-like terrain. It has features and map constructions of Miramar. Heading Northeast of the city, you find a small, nameless town between Holdhus and the Power Station. At least one monster truck appeared here. Therefore, players can still get off at this suburban location off the map to loot decent weapons and supplies and drive this truck to run to the play zone.

Northeast Aqueduct

You can find another monster truck in the small house complex at 2 o’clock from the Drains. It was also placed between the Power Station and this mountainous area. You can also get off there, loot essential items like weapons, armor, and supplies before moving on to larger areas in your monster truck. But keep in mind that the nearest Power Station is a hot-drop location in Livik, so you’ll need to get ready for the initial engagement right after landing on land. Many other players may also come to get this vehicle.

Southeast of Iceborg

Iceborg is land ice on the Northeast Pole map. Therefore, the map designer placed a monster truck here so that PUBG Mobile players could dash to the safe zone if the zone shrank in the center area. You can find a monster truck in the small village southeast of Iceborg.


There is a monster truck parked just outside the city walls of Gronhus. It was placed on the main road south of this city. However, not many players are likely to get this truck as the play zone often shrinks near the city center. No need to use a vehicle to move. But it’s still useful if you want to hunt for airdrops.

Lupin Felt

Another Monster Truck is parked near a small house west of Lupine Felt. It’s at 11 o’clock if you land in Blomster. This place is also often out of the play zone so this ride is very useful. The location of this mobile PUBG monster truck sometimes becomes a hot-drop spot. You can take advantage of the flower fields to hide and fight. But you have to watch out for some snakes around.

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Tips for Using PUBG Mobile Monster Truck

You also need a few tips to use this Monster vehicle effectively and safely.

  1. Just hiding behind truck tires because the floor height of this vehicle is not a good cover.
  2. Drive it in a shaky manner to confuse enemies and avoid front and rear fire.
  3. Drop directly to the selected Monster truck location on the map to get the truck and move to another place or other players can get it before you arrive.
  4. Loot gas cans to refill when you need to use them to traverse the map.
  5. This truck cannot move on water like BRDM. So, you can only ride it on land.
  6. Monster Truck is the best weapon in PUBG Mobile Livik. There is no BRDM in this map, so don’t waste your time looking for that armored truck.
  7. The monster truck can still be destroyed. So you have to get down and run from the truck before it explodes and knocks you down.
  8. The player behind the truck can be shot without protection. So, stop the car, get off, and find a shelter to fight.
  9. Shoot the tires to stop the enemy monster truck.

Those were the things you need to know about Monster Trucks in PUBG Mobile. Head to a safe PUBG mobile monster truck location to get this vehicle. Hope this article can help you. If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments section and we will be happy to help you.

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