Magnet Simulator Codes 2020

I’ll be telling you about Roblox Magnet Simulator Codes 2020 in this article. Here you can find all active Code Simulator Magnets, an updated list of all the codes that you can redeem in the game, to get cash, Rebirth tokens, and more useful gameplay prizes.

Magnet Simulator Codes

The code is very important to them, since the code enables the game. The Magnet Simulator game as we know it aims to collect as many magnet coins as possible. The codes are there to improve the chance to attract more coins.

Magnet Simulator Codes 2020

  • update27 – You get instantly 50 tokens
  • christmaspresent – You get instantly $10,000
  • christmascash – You get instantly $20,000
  • update26 – You get instantly 50 tokens
  • Happystpatricks – You received +2500 Clovers
  • Theusualcash – You received $25000 cash
  • iloveyouall – You received $10.000 cash
  • newestupdate – You received 25 Tokens
  • doubleyourmoneyagain – You received x2 money (You must join the grup [Magnet League])

Today you can find the only appropriate code we’ve got. We’ll update the new code to help you enjoy playing this Roblox game as soon as possible. So, just check our website the next day if they release a new version, to get the latest update.

How to redeem Codes on Magnet Simulator

  1. Click Menu
  2. Click on the codes button.
  3. Type the code above for example update9.
  4. Click Enter and get your prize. Good luck!!!

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This is the Magnet Simulator Codes 2020 post. If there is a new version for the simulator game Magnet, we will update the code. If there is a code that doesn’t fit or if you have questions please don’t hesitate to let us know in the column of comments. Thanks for your visit.

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