Fishing Simulator Codes 2020

All valid Fishing Simulator Codes in one updated list – Roblox Game by Cloud Entertainment – If you want to fish, some gems and coins will help!.

Fishing Simulator Codes

Fishing Simulator Codes 2020

You can get lots of coins and gems if you redeem valid codes before they expire, so here you have them:

  1. SmashLike – You redeem 150 gems
  2. CandyIsland – You redeem 300 gems
  3. CarBait – You redeem 300 gems
  4. PressLike – You redeem 150 gems
  5. Pets – You redeem 200 gems
  6. 59KFan – You redeem 150 gems

We will continue to update this list. So, if you want more code, just come back here and check if we have added new code to the list. And redeem it as soon as possible, because the code usually expires after one week.

How to Redeem Fishing Simulator Codes

Click the ticket button (under the trophy button on the right side of the screen), enter the code (copy & paste it from our list), and click redeem.

Fishing Simulator Codes Description

Fishing Simulator is a game where you can fish, chase sharks, explore the island and personalize an aquarium for yourself!

Latest Updates (We update the game every week!)

  • Killer whale
  • 1 new boat
  • 6 new fish
  • Several bug fixes & improvements

Coming soon

  • new islands
  • Pet
  • Boss fight
  • And much more!

Fishing Simulator Fish – Locations

Port Jackson

In Port Jackson you can fish Trout, Butterband Fish, Bluefin Tuna and also Swordfish

  • Trout = Ordinary
  • Butterband Fish = Unusual
  • Bluefin Tuna = Rare
  • Swordfish = Legendary

The ocean

In Port Jackson you can fish Napoleon, Angel Fish, Clown Fish, Marlin, Pelrotua Parrot Fish and also Mola Fish

  • Napoleon Fish = Ordinary
  • Angel Fish = Unusual
  • Clown Fish = Rare
  • Marlin = Epic
  • Rainbow Parrot Fish = Legendary
  • Sunfish = Mythic

Eruption Island

On the Eruption Island you can fish for Goldfish, Small Fish, Yellowfish, Yellow Snook, Big Trout, Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, and also Steelhead

  • Karper = Ordinary
  • Smallmouth Yellowfish = general
  • Yellow Snook = Unusual
  • Large Trout = Unusual
  • Bluegill = Rare
  • Largemouth Bass = Rare
  • Steelhead = Epic

Volcanic Lava

In Volcano Lava you can fish Magma Trout, Magma Large Mouth Bass, and also Magma Swordfish

  • Magma Trout = Ordinary
  • The Magma Large Mouth Bass = Rare
  • Magma Swordfish = Legendary

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Shadow Islands

In Shadow Islands Acadian red fish, Tarpon, Suwanne Bass, Baracuda and Snapper are available for catching.

  • Acadian Red Fish = Ordinary
  • Tarpon = Not common
  • Suwanne Bass = Rare
  • Baracuda = Epic
  • Snapper = Legendary

Mythic Cave

In Mythic Cave you can fish for Mini Mahi, Shadow Swordfish, and Blue Fish

  • Mini Mahi = General
  • Shadow Swordfish = Rare
  • Blue Fish = Mythic

That was an article about Fishing Simulator Codes. If you have questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments column. Thanks for visiting.

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