Anime Fighters Simulator Codes (2022 March)

Our Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator codes list contains the most recent, OP codes that you can use to get new Boosts and freebies. Use these freebies to level up your character, strengthen your character, and become the best fighter you can be! Continue reading for a complete list of all currently active AFS codes.

Anime Fighters Simulator codes

All Anime Fighters Simulator Codes List

We’ll keep you informed about new codes as they become available. You should use these as quickly as possible because you never know when they’ll run out! These codes were tested on the date this post was updated, so if you find one that is no longer valid, please let us know in the comments section below so we can remove it!

Working Codes

Here’s a list of all the Anime Fighters Simulator codes that are currently active.

  • PsychicCity – Redeem for a Boost
  • Sub2Codenex – Redeem for a 10 minute Luck Boost
  • Sub2Veyar – Redeem for a 10 minute Luck Boost
  • BronzePiece_ – Redeem for free boosts and rewards
  • RealDaireb – Redeem for free boosts and rewards
  • ToadBoi – Redeem for a 10 minute Luck Boost
  • Underworld – Redeem for free boosts and rewards
  • HalfBillion – Redeem for free boosts and rewards
  • sulley1m – Redeem for Luck Boost and Damage Boost [Must Join Group]
  • 700klikes – Redeem for rewards
  • 2k22 – Redeem for a reward
  • Christmas – Redeem for reward
  • otrademark – Redeem for a Divine Fruit
  • 1MilFaves – Redeem for Yen and XP Boosts

Expired Codes

  • cyclxnee – Redeem for Luck Boost
  • FlameCity – Redeem for free Boosts
  • ThanksGiving – Redeem for free Boost
  • KingdomFour – Redeem for rewards (NEW)
  • DivineColosseum – Redeem for rewards
  • Thanks600k – Redeem for free Boost
  • SlimeyIsland – Redeem for free Boost
  • LuckIsland – Redeem for free Boost
  • AlchemyLand – Redeem for Luck and Yen Boosts
  • DestinyIsland – Redeem for free Boost
  • Gold500k – Redeem for Boost
  • SpookyIsland – Redeem for free Boost
  • ShutdownCode – Redeem for Boost
  • CrimeIsland – Redeem for Luck Boost
  • SCity – Redeem for Yen and Luck Boost
  • Pog400k – Redeem for Yen and DMG Boosts
  • RealDaireb – Redeem for Yen Boost
  • CurseHigh – Redeem for DMG Boost
  • BronzePiece_ – Redeem for EXP Boost
  • Craftbug – Redeem for 5 Raid Tickets
  • TicketCode – Redeem for a Raid Ticket
  • EmptyWorld – Redeem for Boost
  • Sulley500k – Redeem for Luck and Yen Boost [Must Join Group]
  • Nice200k – Redeem for Luck Boost
  • VirtualCastle – Redeem for Luck Boost
  • Yeet250k – Redeem for Yen Boost
  • 100kRecord – Redeem for Yen, Luck, and DMG Boosts
  • UpdateDelay – Redeem for Yen Boost
  • Almost100k – Redeem for Luck and Yen Boosts
  • ChimeraIsland – Redeem for Boosts
  • Sulley300k – Redeem for Yen Boost [Must Join Group]
  • GhoulCity – Redeem for Luck Boost
  • Pog125k – Redeem for Luck Boost
  • Magic100k – Redeem for Boosts!
  • SlayerCorps – Redeem for a Boost
  • AttackOfGiants – Redeem for Luck Boost
  • Sulley100k – Redeem for Reward [Must Join Group]
  • Super75k – Redeem for Luck Boost
  • Awesome50k – Redeem for Boosts!
  • Lucky30k – Redeem for Yen Boost
  • ChuggaChugga – Redeem for Boosts!
  • Sulley – Redeem for Reward [Must Join Group]
  • HeroAcademy – Redeem for Boosts!
  • EpicCode – Redeem for Yen Boost
  • MegaLikes – Redeem for a Yen Boost
  • SuperLikes – Redeem for Yen Boost
  • ManyLikes – Redeem for Yen Boost

How to Redeem Anime Fighters Simulator Codes

  1. Go to the Roblox page and search for the Anime Fighters Simulator game. You can access it from your device or the desktop.
  2. Tap on the Twitter icon on the left side of the screen,
  3. Copy a code from a list of options.
  4. Enter the code in the box.
  5. Tap on the Redeem icon and claim your rewards.


The Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator codes were the focus of this article. Play the game, visit the new island, and take advantage of all the freebies. Please feel free to share this article to your friends.

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